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Labs history and philosophy

Magnitude was born from the experience and ideas of Gianluca Turrini, a sound engineer/producer for Italian and international artists for 24 years. Constantly working and researching ways to improve the sound of “his” musicians has led to intimate knowledge of, and practical modifications for their gear - from tube amps and cabinets to pickup mics and pedals. Every aspect of the audio chain is reviewed and evaluated to find excellence or weakness. When a weakness is found, he evaluates with the client possible modification or upgrade. The main idea of Magnitude is to exploit Turrini’s long experience and knowledge for the benefit of the client’s sound.

No matter your budget (cheap or expensive), don’t you want your gear sounding perfect? With your personal touch and style? Rough or sophisticated, doesn't matter, you'll have custom-made gear tailored to you.

At Magnitude laboratories we do unique pieces at reasonable prices, and can aesthetically modify or technically modify your equipment. 

Do you want to: 

Replace tolex on your cab? Fix it? Take an amplifiers from combo housing and transform it in a single head? 

Don't you like your speakers anymore? Are the handles rubbish and uncomfortable? 

Ok, it's time for a mod!!!

Magnitude could also suggest that you buy a cheap amp known to be the perfect base for an excellent upgrade: like unknown british heads that use Partridge transformers or Traynor Monoblock Bass heads.

Only gear that SOUNDS good for your purpose matters to Gianluca - he doesn't care about the collector’s market or insane research for the original vintage chromed screws… new or vintage doesn't matter, it must kick ass! 

Magnitude labs is not a shop but an artisanal laboratory to build and modify where everything is made by hand in a search for perfection. 

laboratory to build and modify where everything is made by hand searching perfection.

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